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aWe do not sell contact data of women. Having paid for membership you can communicate with the women on the site unlimitedly. We do not pay anybody for writing letters. We have real people on the site who search for real relationships! If you decided to search for a wife abroad then our international dating site is exactly for you. Thousands of women want to create family with a foreigner. Every one of us wants to be happy. Mutual love for sure will bring you positive emotions. Family starts from the first meeting, at the first sight. It is very important not to miss your destiny, not to pass by. Maybe, you will notice your half at once at first sight at the photo, at first letter. Maybe only after having communicated with the woman you will understand that you want to spend your life together with her. The main thing in communication is honesty. Do not give hope to the women who are not interesting for you. Write sincerely to them that you have already found your woman and wish them good luck in their searches in polite way.


aWhy so many people like communication in CHAT? Why did different types of CHATs occupied Internet at once? Because all of us like live communication. Chat creates an idea that the person whom you are talking with is close. During communication we can see emotions of a person, his reaction to different words and actions. CHAT creates invisible emotional connection between 2 people, especially between people in love. We care about interests of our users. Our chat is Jabber chat. Jabber is the most actively developing and the most prospective program for instant messaging. Now you can log into chat not only on the site, but from any communication device or cellphone. Jabber is reliable and works good at all people in love!

Who are scammers and what are they doing on dating sites? Scammers are Internet frauds which try to take money from people under different reasons. There are 2 most wide spread types of scamming. First is fake profiles of women under photos of whom gangs communicate with foreigners asking for money. Our advice is never to send money to those women who are asking for it. If some woman is asking for money or any help from you then report her to managers on the site and we will take the necessary measures

The second category of scammers creates fake profiles of European and American men. Usually it is done by people from the developing countries with low standards of living. They gather email addresses and try to take women out of the site. As a European man they get aquainted, after that make women trust them and later tell some sad story where only money can help them. Some compassionate women send money to account of a man, after that he disappears. That's why we ask you to report a person who is asking you for your email address or gives his/her email address in the first-second message on the site first


Interesting to know

God created all the women to be romantic. Beautiful flowers, nice music, tender words will definitely make her happy. If your heart is filled with love then show it to your woman. Red roses mean passion. White lillies - tenderness, flowers of different colours - explosion of emotions.

Giving flowers to the woman man proves his love with it, quite often giving flowers is a good way to start communication with.

Lanuage of flowers is one of the most romantic and amazing languages of Love. ner

Important to know

In Ukraine and Russia even number of flowers is not given. Even number will hurt woman. Usually men give 11, 15, 17 flowers! Do not order flowers from unchecked delivery companies as your surprise may fail - sluggish flowers, delivery with delay. Our site guarantees fresh flowers and delivery on stated date.

Women online now

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Рада, 33 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Anastasiya, 33 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Margarita, 27 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

online now

Дарья, 39 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia


For your communication to pass easily and without hassles we installed free online-translator in mailbox of all users on the site. If you have any questions in process of communication then apply to manager. Competent and kind managers will always help you with advice or information. Except of free online-translator on the site there are several other free services which help you to show your attention to women and start and develop dialogue. They are winks, catalogue of postcards for different ocasions and dates, Gift Cat interactive postcard, ice-breaks - short phrases which ill help you to start dialogue.


If you feel that you are ready to create a family, if you are sure that your heart is waiting for love then you have done a right choice having registered on our free international dating site! We will help you to become happy!


If you are in love and you want to develop serious relationships exactly with this woman try to ask if she sees your future together: regular meetings, living together, wedding and official marriage, children planning. Try to develop subject of transfer of relationships from Internet to reality step by step, otherwise you risk to stay on stage of flirting for quite a long time

Jealousy is a bad advisor

heartPeople who are passionately in love being afraid of adultery often get crasy from being afraid and jealous. Then their words and actions become unpredictable. Jealousy is a bad advisor and it does not seem to calm a person. Total control and trying to keep a person in all possible ways will not bring to anything good. One should search for reason for jealousy in him-/herself and not in partner's behaviour. If the woman is keeping a wide correspondence it is quite normal as the woman (the same as you) came to the site in search of her half. Agree that it is quite difficult to make some choice not having a definite circle for communication. Or you think different? It is quite normal and right to lead correspondence with several people before the moment of first meeting with some of them.

Only real meeting will help to understand that it is exactly the same person that you wer esearching for. Sometimes it happens that there are lots of warm letters, everything is great, but then you meet and nothing, there is disappointment from both sides. Remember, that only after a real meeting you will understand if this person is really yours. Because even such details as smell of the body, manner of eating, everyday habits, etc can make you not like the person who seemed to be ideal in Internet.


heartLove is an amazing feeling which enriches our life and fills it with the meaning. When you are in love you want to show your feelings every moment. Use romantic postcards which you can send to a person whom you love. The best, the most tender and beautiful love postcards you will find on our site

Feedbacks from men who found their love on our site:

Stefan, Germany,Koln

-- Vielen Dank!! Ich habe mein Glück hier gefunden . Wir werden noch in diesem sommer heiraten!!!! Ich wünsche allen viel Glück und kann diese Seite nur weiter empfehlen.

Neil, United Kingdom,Telford

-- Hi, I met Lena through your site and we married last year. Now very happily married and living in England. Thank you for all your help and support. Neil and Lena.

Wayne, United Kingdom,Bristol

-- I have found some one from your site and we met last week in Vienna. Had a wondere time and things are going well. A big thank you to thank you from me to you as i never would of found her with out you.

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